Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Electric Car Driver Shares Annoyances with Tesla Model 3

    In a recent TikTok video, an electric car driver known as “Joe” expressed his frustrations with his Tesla Model 3, garnering the attention of millions of viewers. Joe highlighted several aspects of the car that he found irritating, including the process of opening the glove box and operating the windshield wipers.

    One of Joe’s grievances was the difficulty of accessing the glove box. He demonstrated that it required pressing specific buttons on the control panel, which he found to be a cumbersome process. Additionally, Joe mentioned that activating the windshield wipers involved pressing multiple buttons in different locations, making it inconvenient for him.

    Furthermore, Joe showcased the white interior of his Tesla Model 3 and claimed that keeping the seats clean was a nightmare. The video provided a glimpse into the interior of the electric car, which received mixed reactions from viewers.

    Joe’s TikTok video received a significant amount of engagement, with over 461,000 likes and more than 1,800 comments. Interestingly, he is not the only electric vehicle owner to voice their dissatisfaction. Other individuals have expressed concerns about EVs, including unexpected battery drainage, frequent breakdowns during driving, vulnerability to theft, potential dangers of fire incidents, excessive noise levels, and difficulty in maneuvering.

    Despite these individual complaints, it is essential to consider the overall positive reception electric vehicles have received, particularly for their environmental benefits and technological advancements.

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