Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    Tesla Road Rage Suspect Terrorizes Southern California Freeways

    In late 2022 and early 2023, a man known as the “Tesla Road Rage Guy,” Nathaniel Radimak, wreaked havoc on Southern California freeways, causing fear and panic among drivers. His attacks, typically carried out with a pipe, targeted random cars and left victims, predominantly women, shaken. The LA Times reports that Radimak had a history of violence, which may offer some insight into his motives.

    The first incident of road rage linked to Radimak occurred in 2020 in Hollywood. During a search of his car at the time, police discovered $30,000 in cash and steroids, leading to charges of battery and drug distribution. His violent tendencies extended to his personal relationships as well. An ex-girlfriend described a pattern of physical abuse, threats of harm towards her and her family, and terrifying outbursts.

    Radimak’s road rage continued into 2023, with multiple incidents documented. He targeted a 74-year-old woman outside a doctor’s office in Glendale and threatened another woman at a storage facility in Atwater Village. On the same day, he allegedly confronted a woman on a freeway, broke her headlight, and later followed a car from a Pasadena mall, striking it with a metal pole. Dashcam footage captured one of his attacks on the 2 Freeway near York Boulevard.

    Ultimately, Radimak’s reign of terror came to an end when he was arrested in February 2023. However, his actions had a lasting impact on his victims, leaving them traumatized and fearful. While five years may seem insufficient for the atrocities he committed, it is a relief to see this dangerous individual removed from the streets.

    – LA Times (source article)

    – Road rage: aggressive or violent behavior exhibited by a driver in response to perceived provocation or frustration on the road.
    – Freeway: a major road or highway, typically with multiple lanes, designated for high-speed traffic.