Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Pencombe Parish Council Proposes New Car Parking Area for Village Hall

    The Pencombe Parish Council has put forward a proposal to create a new 26-space car parking area adjacent to the Pencombe and Little Cowarne parish hall near Bromyard. The aim of this development is to enhance the street scene by removing cars from the roadside and providing a safer and more spacious parking area. It is important to note that the intention is not to increase the overall traffic volume in the village. The planning application states that the current on-street parked cars are not only obstructing traffic flow but are also unsightly.

    The lack of available parking has been a challenge for the local school, church, and hall. The proposed car park would address this issue and benefit these institutions as well as the village as a whole. To ensure the car park is environmentally conscious, it will be surfaced with permeable tarmac and enclosed by a newly planted hedge. However, three trees will need to be removed as part of the development.

    The proposal has received mixed responses from the local community. There were six objections raised, expressing concerns about potential increases in traffic and the impact on the historic and natural environment. On the other hand, seven submissions of support were received, with individuals emphasizing the positive impact the car park would have on the accessibility and usability of the village hall.

    Emily Barrett, a trustee of the hall, highlighted that the limited parking currently deters people from booking the facility. Simon Wells also expressed his support, mentioning that the car park would alleviate issues with blocked driveways caused by cars attending the village hall. However, Alison Maynard voiced her concerns about potential traffic increases, considering the proposal ill-thought-out.

    The planning permission for the car park has been granted, but it is subject to the inclusion of a landscape ecological management plan. Additionally, the designated parking area must cater to disabled individuals, electric vehicles, and bicycles, reflecting the council’s commitment to sustainability.

    – Permeable tarmac: A type of tarmac that allows water to pass through, facilitating water drainage and preventing surface runoff.
    – Landscape ecological management plan: A plan outlining measures to ensure the protection and preservation of the natural environment within a specific landscape.

    – Pencombe Parish Council
    – Emily Barrett, Trustee of Pencombe and Little Cowarne parish hall
    – Simon Wells, Local Resident
    – Alison Maynard, Local Resident
    – Former Chair of the Parish Hall Trustees, Andrew Mottram