Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Tips for Choosing the Right Car Insurance Cover During the Monsoon Season

    As the rainy season approaches, it brings with it a set of challenges for car owners. Heavy rains, flooded roads, and unpredictable weather can increase the risk of accidents and damage to vehicles. Having the right insurance is crucial during this time to protect your vehicle from potential dangers. Here are some tips to help you choose the right car insurance cover for the monsoon season:

    1. Comprehensive flood coverage: With heavy rain and flooding being common during the monsoon, it’s important to have comprehensive vehicle coverage that includes protection against water damage. Make sure your insurance policy covers damages caused by floods to avoid expensive repairs.

    2. Add-ons for extra protection: Standard comprehensive car insurance may not fully protect your vehicle from monsoon-related damages. Consider purchasing add-ons or optional features that provide extra protection for your car. Some useful add-ons include engine protect to safeguard your engine from water damage, zero depreciation to ensure you receive the full value of your car without any deduction for depreciation, roadside assistance to help you in case of breakdowns, and return to invoice coverage in case of total loss or theft of your car.

    3. Emergency hotel accommodation cover: In case of road accidents or breakdowns during a road trip, having an emergency hotel accommodation cover can be beneficial. It will cover your hotel expenses and connect you with nearby garages for repairs.

    4. EMI cover: If your car is in the garage for an extended period due to damages, an EMI cover add-on will pay your car loan EMIs on your behalf for up to 3 months.

    5. Coverage for hybrid cars: If you own an electric or hybrid vehicle, it’s important to protect it from hazards during the monsoon. Look for an insurance policy that provides coverage for hybrid cars or purchase an add-on cover that safeguards against damage caused by electricity fluctuation, fluid ingression, and accidental damage to the EV charger assembly.

    Review your existing policy, compare options, and select add-ons that enhance coverage based on your needs. By taking proactive measures and choosing the right insurance cover, you can enjoy a worry-free and safe driving experience during the monsoon season.

    Source: Rakesh Jain, CEO, Reliance General Insurance.