Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Aircraft with Solar and Hydrogen for Non-Stop Flight: Solar Airship One

    Euro Airship is currently developing Solar Airship One, an innovative aircraft that aims to fly non-stop around more than 25 countries for 20 days. The project, set to take off in 2026, is focused on creating the first world tour flight without the use of fossil fuels. The aircraft will rely on solar power and hydrogen, making it noise-free and emission-free.

    Solar Airship One will be a massive whale-shaped aircraft, measuring 151 meters in length. It will have a rigid airship design and a helium expansion volume of 53,000 m3. The aircraft’s surface will be fitted with 4,800 m2 of solar film to capture sunlight during the day. Any surplus electricity generated will be stored in fuel cells, which produce hydrogen through water electrolysis during the night. This system allows for continuous power supply throughout the flight.

    The plan for Solar Airship One is to embark on a non-stop round-the-world tour from West to East. With an average altitude of 6,000 meters, the aircraft will cover more than 40,000 km within 20 days. This ambitious journey will be accomplished without the need for traditional fuels or stopovers. The flight path will include countries such as India, China, Mexico, the USA, Mauritania, Mali, and France.

    Euro Airship aims to make Solar Airship One an autonomous aircraft that does not require heavy infrastructure on the ground. The aircraft will have a ballasting system utilizing both water and compressed air. This design will ensure stability and allow for quick response to meteorological events.

    The project has been a result of over ten years of research and development, followed by three years of industrial design in collaboration with 100 engineers from Capgemini. Solar Airship One will have a crew of three experienced pilots, including Bertrand Piccard, a renowned pioneer in aviation, Dorine Bourneton, the world’s first disabled female aerobatic pilot, Michel Tognini, a former astronaut and fighter pilot, and Jean-Pierre Haigneré, an experienced pilot.

    Throughout the journey, the aircraft’s crew will maintain constant communication with schools, universities, governments, and international institutions in the countries they fly over. This initiative aims to inspire, educate, and promote sustainable aviation practices.

    In conclusion, Euro Airship’s Solar Airship One is a groundbreaking aircraft that will showcase the potential of solar and hydrogen power in aviation. With its non-stop round-the-world flight, it aims to demonstrate the feasibility of long-duration flights without fossil fuels, marking a significant milestone in the journey towards a greener and more sustainable aviation industry.

    – Euro Airship, no URL provided.