Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Affirming Support for Line 5 Relocation Project in Wisconsin

    A diverse group of individuals, including citizens, labor leaders, agricultural and business leaders, and tribal members, gathered at the Steamfitters 601 Training Center in Wisconsin to show their support for the proposed $450 million Line 5 relocation project in Ashland, Bayfield, and Iron Counties. Organized by the Wisconsin Jobs and Energy Coalition, the event aimed to highlight the economic need for the project and the importance of pipelines for transporting energy safely.

    One of the main reasons cited for supporting the Line 5 relocation project was the job creation it would generate. The project is estimated to create over 700 construction jobs in Wisconsin. Corey Gall, president of the Wisconsin Pipe Trades Association, emphasized the readiness of skilled union workers to start working on the project, having received extensive training to ensure its safe completion.

    Speakers also emphasized the crucial role of Line 5 in providing energy for various industries. Jennifer Wickman, Wisconsin Government Affairs Director for the Cooperative Network, highlighted the importance of Line 5 for farmers and other agricultural businesses, as it provides energy for crop growth and barn warming. Without Line 5, there would be significant reductions in propane supplies and increased prices for rural farm families.

    The support for the project extended to Native communities as well. Kim Kastern, a small business owner and member of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa tribe, emphasized the reliance of Native communities on Line 5 for propane and commended Enbridge for working with tribal businesses and providing job opportunities for tribal members.

    The event highlighted several key facts about pipelines, including their exceptional safety record, their role in maintaining affordable gas and diesel prices, Line 5’s contribution as a major supplier of Midwest propane, and the positive economic impact of pipeline projects.

    An independent economic impact study estimated that the Line 5 relocation project would add $135 million to Wisconsin’s economy, increase state tax revenues, and support over 1,000 jobs. Enbridge, the company behind the project, has partnered with Wisconsin-based Michels Pipeline, Inc. as the mainline contractor and has signed a Project Labor Agreement with multiple labor unions.

    The event in Madison was part of the Safest Way Tour, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of pipelines. The tour has made 20 stops and engaged over 1,500 participants. More information about the Safest Way Tour can be found at

    – Wisconsin Jobs and Energy Coalition
    – Cooperative Network
    – Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa