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Which US states grows the most strawberries?

U.S. States Leading the Charge in Strawberry Cultivation

When it comes to strawberry production in the United States, certain states have taken the lead, turning their climates and soils into ripe opportunities for growing this beloved fruit. At the forefront of strawberry cultivation, California stands tall as the nation’s top producer, with its vast agricultural resources and favorable weather conditions.

California: The Strawberry Giant

The Golden State’s mild temperatures and extended growing season allow for an almost year-round harvest, contributing to the state’s dominance in strawberry production. According to the California Strawberry Commission, California supplies over 90% of the country’s strawberries, with an impressive yield that often surpasses one billion pounds annually.

Florida: A Berry Strong Contender

Florida follows as a distant second, with its warm climate facilitating an early start to the strawberry season. The state’s winter strawberry production is particularly significant, filling the market gap when California’s output dips due to cooler temperatures.

Other Notable Producers

While California and Florida are the undisputed leaders, other states like Oregon, North Carolina, and New Jersey also contribute to the U.S. strawberry market. These states have optimized their regional conditions to cultivate strawberries successfully, albeit on a smaller scale compared to the top producers.


Q: Why is California so successful in strawberry production?
A: California’s success is attributed to its ideal climate, with mild winters and cool coastal fog that creates perfect growing conditions for strawberries.

Q: Can strawberries be grown year-round in the U.S.?
A: While not all states can grow strawberries year-round, California’s climate allows for nearly continuous production.


Strawberry Commission: An organization that represents the interests of strawberry growers, often involved in research, marketing, and regulatory issues.

Harvest Season: The time of year when crops are ripe and ready to be picked and sold.

With the U.S. appetite for strawberries showing no signs of waning, these states will likely continue to develop and expand their strawberry farming capabilities to meet demand.