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What is the state tree fruit of Alabama?

Alabama Celebrates Its State Tree Fruit: The Satsuma

Montgomery, AL – The state of Alabama is known for its rich agricultural heritage, and among its celebrated symbols is the satsuma, designated as the official state tree fruit. The satsuma, a type of seedless mandarin orange, has been a part of Alabama’s agricultural landscape since its introduction in the late 19th century.

The satsuma is cherished for its sweet flavor, easy-to-peel skin, and cold tolerance, making it a suitable crop for Alabama’s climate. It thrives particularly well in the coastal and southern regions of the state, where the conditions mimic its native environment in Japan. The fruit’s popularity led to its official recognition in 2008, when the Alabama Legislature passed an act naming the satsuma as the state tree fruit.

Alabama’s Agricultural Pride: The Satsuma’s Economic and Cultural Impact

The satsuma’s economic impact on Alabama is significant, with the fruit being a staple for local farmers and a favorite at farmers’ markets. Its cultural importance is equally notable, as the satsuma is celebrated at festivals and is a common sight in Alabama households during the harvest season, which typically runs from October to December.

The satsuma’s designation as the state tree fruit not only honors its role in Alabama’s agriculture but also promotes awareness of the state’s diverse agricultural products. As residents and visitors enjoy the juicy sweetness of the satsuma, they partake in a tradition that is uniquely Alabamian.


Q: What is a satsuma?
A: A satsuma is a seedless mandarin orange known for its sweet taste, easy-to-peel skin, and cold-hardy nature.

Q: When was the satsuma designated as Alabama’s state tree fruit?
A: The satsuma was officially designated as Alabama’s state tree fruit in 2008.

Q: Where in Alabama are satsumas grown?
A: Satsumas are primarily grown in the coastal and southern regions of Alabama.


State Tree Fruit: A fruit that is designated by a state’s legislature as a symbol of the state’s agricultural heritage.

Mandarin Orange: A small citrus fruit with a sweet flavor and loose, easy-to-peel skin, belonging to the citrus genus.

Cold Tolerance: The ability of a plant to withstand lower temperatures without suffering damage.

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