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What is the state song of Louisiana?

Louisiana’s Melodic Emblem: “You Are My Sunshine”

BATON ROUGE, LA – The state of Louisiana is often celebrated for its rich musical heritage, a tradition that is encapsulated in its state song, “You Are My Sunshine.” Officially adopted in 1977, this iconic tune is not only a symbol of Louisiana’s cultural identity but also a testament to the state’s influence on American music history.

Origins and Adoption

Originally recorded by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell in 1940, “You Are My Sunshine” quickly gained popularity, transcending its country roots to become an American standard. Jimmie Davis, who served two terms as the governor of Louisiana, is often credited with writing the song, although its true origins remain a subject of debate. Regardless of its authorship, the song’s warm, uplifting lyrics and memorable melody have made it a beloved classic.

In a move that reflected the state’s musical spirit, the Louisiana State Legislature designated “You Are My Sunshine” as the official state song of Louisiana, alongside the state march song “Give Me Louisiana” and the state environmental song “The Gifts of Earth.”

Cultural Impact and Legacy

The song’s legacy extends far beyond the borders of Louisiana, having been covered by countless artists across various genres. Its simple yet profound message of love and optimism continues to resonate with audiences around the world, securing its place in the annals of music history.


Q: When was “You Are My Sunshine” adopted as the state song of Louisiana?
A: It was adopted in 1977.

Q: Did Jimmie Davis write “You Are My Sunshine”?
A: Jimmie Davis is often credited with writing the song, but there is some controversy regarding its true authorship.

Q: Are there other state songs for Louisiana?
A: Yes, Louisiana also has a state march song called “Give Me Louisiana” and a state environmental song titled “The Gifts of Earth.”


State Song: An official song adopted by a state’s legislature as a symbol of the state’s musical identity and cultural heritage.

Cultural Identity: The identity or feeling of belonging to a group that is a part of the culture of a state or nation.

American Standard: A song that is widely recognized in the United States and has been recorded by many artists, becoming part of the nation’s musical heritage.