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What is the state beverage of Alabama?

Alabama Designates Conecuh Ridge Whiskey as Official State Beverage

In a move celebrating the state’s rich heritage and unique contributions to the world of spirits, Alabama has officially declared Conecuh Ridge Whiskey as its state beverage. The decision, which was passed by the state legislature and signed into law by the governor, recognizes the whiskey’s significance to Alabama’s culture and history.

Conecuh Ridge Whiskey, often referred to as Clyde May’s whiskey after its original creator, is a high-quality artisanal spirit that has garnered national attention. Distilled in the tradition of Clyde May himself, the whiskey is known for its smooth finish and hints of green apple and cinnamon, a nod to May’s practice of adding oven-dried apples to his barrels.

The recognition of Conecuh Ridge Whiskey as the state beverage underscores Alabama’s commitment to preserving and promoting its local industries. The whiskey has not only become a symbol of state pride but also contributes to the local economy through tourism and sales.

FAQs about Alabama’s State Beverage

Q: What is the state beverage of Alabama?
A: Conecuh Ridge Whiskey has been designated as the official state beverage of Alabama.

Q: Why was Conecuh Ridge Whiskey chosen?
A: It was chosen due to its historical significance, quality, and contribution to Alabama’s culture and economy.


State Beverage: An official beverage designated by a state as a symbol of its cultural heritage or an important agricultural product.

Artisanal Spirit: A spirit produced in smaller quantities with an emphasis on traditional or high-quality methods, often by independent distilleries.

Culture and History: The shared experiences, traditions, and historical events that shape the identity and heritage of a community or region.