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What is the blackest state?

Exploring the Blackest State in America: A Demographic Overview

When discussing the “blackest state” in the United States, the term refers to the state with the highest percentage of African American residents in relation to its total population. According to the latest U.S. Census data, Mississippi holds this distinction, with a significant portion of its inhabitants identifying as Black or African American.

Mississippi’s Demographic Landscape

Mississippi’s population comprises approximately 38% African Americans, the highest proportion of any state in the nation. This demographic characteristic has deep historical roots, stretching back to the era of slavery and the subsequent Great Migration, which saw a reverse trend in recent decades as some African Americans returned to the South.

Cultural and Political Implications

The state’s demographic makeup has profound cultural and political implications. Mississippi is a tapestry of rich African American heritage, from blues music to civil rights landmarks. Politically, the high percentage of African Americans can influence local and state elections, often swaying the balance in favor of candidates who address their communities’ concerns.


Q: What does “blackest state” mean?
A: It refers to the state with the highest proportion of African American residents.

Q: Which state is considered the blackest in America?
A: Mississippi, with about 38% of its population being African American.

Q: How does Mississippi’s demographic affect its culture?
A: The state has a rich African American cultural heritage, including significant contributions to music and civil rights history.


African American: A term typically used to describe Americans with ancestry from sub-Saharan Africa.
Great Migration: The movement of millions of African Americans from the rural South to urban areas in the North and West, occurring between 1916 and 1970.
U.S. Census: A decennial survey conducted by the United States Census Bureau to gather demographic information about the country’s population.

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