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What is the best apple orchard in the United States?

Discovering America’s Premier Apple Orchard

When it comes to the best apple orchard in the United States, one name often rises to the top: Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge, Georgia. This family-owned and operated orchard has been providing an unparalleled apple-picking experience for over 75 years, making it a cherished destination for fruit enthusiasts and families alike.

Why Mercier Orchards Stands Out

Nestled in the North Georgia mountains, Mercier Orchards boasts a scenic landscape that enhances the apple-picking experience. The orchard offers a vast variety of apples, including both classic favorites and unique heirloom species. What sets Mercier apart is not just the quality of its produce but also its commitment to sustainable farming practices and its community-centric approach.

Visitors can enjoy tractor tours, a farm winery, and a market store filled with homemade goods. The orchard’s dedication to providing a family-friendly atmosphere, complete with seasonal events and educational tours, ensures that every visit is more than just a chance to pick apples—it’s an opportunity to create lasting memories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What types of apples can you find at Mercier Orchards?
A: Mercier Orchards grows over 50 apple varieties, ranging from the well-known Gala and Fuji to the rare Arkansas Black and Gold Rush.

Q: Are there activities for children at the orchard?
A: Yes, the orchard offers various activities for children, including a playground, tractor rides, and U-pick events.


Heirloom species: Varieties of fruit that have been cultivated historically and are not commonly grown for large-scale commercial production.

Sustainable farming practices: Agricultural methods that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare, and also promote fair treatment and good quality of life for farmers and farm workers.

U-pick events: Opportunities offered by farms where visitors can pick their own produce directly from the fields or orchards.

Mercier Orchards represents the pinnacle of American apple orchards, providing not just a place to pick apples but a comprehensive agritourism experience. Whether you’re a local or a traveler, a visit to this orchard is sure to be the highlight of your autumn adventures.