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What is Tennessee’s state song?

Tennessee’s Melodic Emblem: A State Song with Deep Roots

Nashville, TN – When it comes to state pride, Tennessee sings it loud and clear. The Volunteer State boasts not just one, but multiple state songs that capture its rich musical heritage. However, the tune that stands as the official state song is “My Homeland, Tennessee,” penned by Nell Grayson Taylor (lyrics) and Roy Lamont Smith (music).

Adopted in 1925, “My Homeland, Tennessee” has been the state’s melodic emblem for nearly a century. The song’s lyrics celebrate the natural beauty and spirit of Tennessee, from the majesty of the Smoky Mountains to the rolling landscapes of the central plains.

The Symphony of State Songs

While “My Homeland, Tennessee” holds the official title, the state has embraced other songs that reflect its diverse musical traditions. “Rocky Top,” “Tennessee Waltz,” “The Pride of Tennessee,” and “Smoky Mountain Rain” are among the official state songs, each representing different aspects of Tennessee’s culture and history.


Q: How many official state songs does Tennessee have?
A: Tennessee has a total of ten official state songs.

Q: When was “My Homeland, Tennessee” adopted as the state song?
A: It was adopted in 1925.


State Song: A song officially adopted by a state as a symbol of its traditions, culture, and people.

Volunteer State: A nickname for Tennessee, originating from the state’s prominent role in providing volunteer soldiers during the War of 1812.

Melodic Emblem: A term used to describe a song that represents the identity and heritage of a place, similar to a flag or emblem.

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