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What is Kentucky’s state drink?

Kentucky Designates Milk as Official State Beverage

In a nod to the dairy industry and the traditional American family farm, Kentucky has officially declared milk as its state drink. The Bluegrass State, renowned for its rich agricultural heritage, has joined several other states in the U.S. in choosing milk to represent its cultural and economic values.

Legislative Embrace of Dairy

The decision came through legislative action, recognizing the importance of dairy farming in Kentucky’s economy and the nutritional value of milk. This move aims to support local farmers and promote the state’s agricultural sector, which has long been a cornerstone of Kentucky’s identity.

Impact on Local Economy

Kentucky’s dairy industry contributes significantly to the state’s economy, with numerous dairy farms spread across its rolling hills. The endorsement of milk as the state drink is expected to boost the industry by encouraging the consumption of locally produced milk and dairy products.

FAQs about Kentucky’s State Drink

Q: When was milk designated as Kentucky’s state drink?
A: The designation of milk as Kentucky’s state drink was enacted through legislation, but the exact date of its official recognition varies based on legislative records.

Q: Why was milk chosen as the state drink?
A: Milk was chosen to honor the state’s agricultural roots and to support the dairy industry, which plays a significant role in Kentucky’s economy.


Agricultural Heritage: The traditions and historical practices related to farming and agriculture within a particular region.

Dairy Industry: The sector of agriculture that focuses on the production and processing of milk and milk-based products.

Nutritional Value: The content of essential nutrients found in food or drink that are necessary for maintaining health and growth.