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What is Alabama’s real mascot?

Unveiling the True Mascot of Alabama

The University of Alabama’s athletic teams are widely recognized by their official mascot, Big Al, a costumed elephant that has been a symbol of Crimson Tide pride since 1979. However, the story of how an elephant came to represent the university’s sports teams dates back to the 1930s.

It all began with a football game in 1930 when sports writer Everett Strupper of the Atlanta Journal used the term “Red Elephants” to describe Alabama’s football team after witnessing their size and strength on the field. The moniker stuck, and over the years, the elephant became an unofficial symbol of Alabama athletics.

The adoption of Big Al as the official mascot was a nod to this longstanding tradition. The elephant is now an integral part of the university’s identity, leading fans in cheers and appearing at various athletic and community events.


Q: When did Big Al become the official mascot of the University of Alabama?
A: Big Al was officially adopted as the University of Alabama’s mascot in 1979.

Q: Why is an elephant the mascot for the University of Alabama?
A: The elephant became associated with Alabama after a sports writer referred to the football team as the “Red Elephants” in 1930, due to their size and strength.


Mascot: A person, animal, or object adopted by a group as a symbolic figure, especially to bring them good luck, typically representing sports teams.

Crimson Tide: The nickname for the University of Alabama’s athletic teams, derived from the crimson color of their uniforms and a reference to their dominant and “tidal” force in competition.