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What do the 3 stars on the Tennessee flag mean?

The Symbolism of Tennessee’s Tri-Star Banner

The Tennessee state flag, a symbol of pride and unity for its citizens, bears three distinctive stars at its core. These stars, arranged in a circular pattern and bound together by an unending blue circle, represent the state’s three distinct geographical regions: East, Middle, and West Tennessee. The flag, designed by Colonel LeRoy Reeves of the Tennessee National Guard, was officially adopted on April 17, 1905, and has since become an emblematic representation of the state’s integrity and indivisibility.

Geographical Significance and Unity

Each star on the flag corresponds to one of Tennessee’s grand divisions. East Tennessee, known for its mountains, is symbolized by one star; Middle Tennessee, characterized by its rolling hills, by another; and West Tennessee, defined by its fertile plains, by the third. The placement of the stars holds further significance as they are positioned so that no one star holds a place of prominence over another, symbolizing the equality between the regions.

Design and Colors

The flag’s design also features other elements that hold meaning. The field of the flag is crimson, with a blue stripe running along its fly. The blue circle around the stars is a symbol of unity, and the blue bar prevents the crimson field from bleeding into the flagpole, signifying the separate but bound nature of the state’s regions.


Q: When was the Tennessee flag officially adopted?
A: The Tennessee flag was officially adopted on April 17, 1905.

Q: Who designed the Tennessee state flag?
A: Colonel LeRoy Reeves of the Tennessee National Guard designed the flag.

Q: What do the colors on the Tennessee flag represent?
A: The crimson field represents valor and the white signifies purity and innocence. The blue circle symbolizes unity, and the blue stripe adds a distinct visual element to the flag.


Geographical regions: Distinct areas defined by physical characteristics, such as mountains, hills, or plains.
Indivisibility: The quality of being unable to be divided or separated.
Crimson: A deep red color.
Flagpole: A pole on which a flag is raised.