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What city in Alabama has the lowest population?

Alabama’s Smallest Municipality: McMullen’s Modest Population

In the vast tapestry of Alabama’s cities and towns, one community stands out for its particularly small size. McMullen, a tiny town in Pickens County, holds the distinction of being the least populous city in the state. According to the latest estimates, McMullen’s population hovers just around 10 residents, a number that underscores its quiet, close-knit community atmosphere.

Understanding McMullen’s Demographics

McMullen, which was incorporated in 1979, is more akin to a family enclave than a bustling city. Its residents live in a handful of households, and the town’s area is so compact that everyone is essentially a neighbor. The town’s size has remained relatively stable over the years, with only minor fluctuations in population numbers.

Life in Alabama’s Least Populated City

Living in McMullen is characterized by tranquility and a pace of life that is far removed from the hustle and bustle of Alabama’s larger cities. The town’s residents enjoy a sense of community that is rare in more populous areas, with a strong reliance on each other that is born out of necessity and shared experience.


Q: What is the population of McMullen, Alabama?
A: McMullen’s population is approximately 10 residents.

Q: Where is McMullen located?
A: McMullen is located in Pickens County, Alabama.


Population: The number of people living in a particular area, city, or country.
Incorporated: The process by which a municipality becomes a legally recognized governmental entity under state law.