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What are the top 5 states for peaches?

Top 5 States for Peach Production in the U.S.

When it comes to peach production in the United States, certain states stand out for their bountiful harvests. Known for their juicy sweetness and velvety skin, peaches are a staple of summer produce. Here’s a look at the top five states that are the powerhouses of peach production.

Georgia: The Peach State
Georgia, affectionately known as the Peach State, has long been synonymous with this succulent fruit. Despite not being the largest producer, the state’s reputation for high-quality peaches is well-deserved, with the central part of the state being the primary growing region.

California: The Leading Producer
California tops the list as the leading peach producer in the country. The state’s vast agricultural resources and favorable climate contribute to its dominance, with the San Joaquin Valley being the epicenter of its peach farming.

South Carolina: The Flavor Favorite
South Carolina follows closely behind Georgia, often vying for the title of true peach state. The region’s hot, humid summers create perfect conditions for growing peaches that are especially flavorful, making it a favorite among peach connoisseurs.

New Jersey: The Diverse Supplier
New Jersey might come as a surprise to some, but it is a significant player in the peach market. The Garden State offers a diverse array of peach varieties and is particularly known for its yellow-fleshed peaches.

Pennsylvania: The Northern Contender
Rounding out the top five is Pennsylvania, where peaches thrive in the state’s temperate climate. Pennsylvania’s peach orchards are a testament to the fruit’s adaptability, proving that quality peaches can be grown even in the cooler northern states.


Q: Why is Georgia known as the Peach State if it’s not the largest producer?
A: Georgia earned its nickname from the high quality and reputation of its peaches, not necessarily from the quantity produced.

Q: Can peaches grow in other states outside the top five?
A: Yes, peaches can be grown in many states across the U.S., but the top five are recognized for their significant production levels and quality.


Peach: A soft, juicy fruit with a yellowish-pink skin and a sweet, white or yellow flesh that contains a stone.
San Joaquin Valley: A region in Central California known for its rich agricultural industry.
Temperate Climate: A climate characterized by mild temperatures without extreme weather conditions.

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