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What are the main exports of Idaho?

Idaho’s Economy Flourishes with Diverse Export Portfolio

The state of Idaho, often associated with its picturesque landscapes and rich agricultural heritage, has a robust export economy that extends far beyond the famous Idaho potato. While agriculture remains a cornerstone, the state’s export portfolio is diverse, including manufacturing and technology products that contribute significantly to its economic growth.

Agriculture Leads with Potatoes and Dairy Products

At the heart of Idaho’s exports, agriculture stands tall with potatoes leading the charge. The state’s fertile volcanic soil and climate conditions are ideal for potato cultivation, making it the top producer in the United States. Alongside potatoes, dairy products also form a substantial part of the agricultural exports, with Idaho ranking third in the nation for milk production.

Technology and Manufacturing on the Rise

However, Idaho’s economy is not solely reliant on its agricultural prowess. The state has seen a rise in technology and manufacturing exports. Semiconductors, particularly from the Boise-based company Micron Technology, are significant contributors. Industrial equipment and machinery also play a vital role in Idaho’s export landscape, showcasing the state’s growing industrial capabilities.

FAQs about Idaho’s Main Exports:

Q: What are Idaho’s top exports?
A: Idaho’s top exports include potatoes, dairy products, semiconductors, and industrial machinery.

Q: How does technology contribute to Idaho’s exports?
A: Technology, especially semiconductors, is a growing sector in Idaho’s export economy, with companies like Micron Technology leading the way.


Export: A product or service sold to another country.
Semiconductor: A material which has a conductivity between that of an insulator and that of most metals, either due to the addition of an impurity or because of temperature effects, used in electronic devices.
Industrial Machinery: Machines designed for industrial purposes, such as manufacturing and processing.

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