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What are the local newspapers and magazines in North Dakota?

Exploring the Print Landscape: North Dakota’s Local Newspapers and Magazines

In the age of digital media, local newspapers and magazines in North Dakota continue to play a vital role in keeping communities informed and connected. These publications, ranging from daily and weekly newspapers to specialty magazines, offer a blend of news, opinion, and features tailored to the interests of their readership.

The Pulse of the Prairie: Daily and Weekly Newspapers

Leading the charge in daily news is the Bismarck Tribune, North Dakota’s oldest continuously published newspaper, providing coverage on local and state issues since 1873. Other dailies like the Grand Forks Herald and the Fargo Forum offer comprehensive news, sports, and community events, serving as the primary news sources for their respective regions.

Weekly newspapers have a strong presence as well, with publications such as the High Plains Reader in Fargo and the Williston Herald delivering local news with a more intimate connection to the communities they serve. These weeklies often focus on hyper-local content, from city council meetings to high school sports, reflecting the heartbeat of small-town life.

Special Interest Publications: Magazines in the Roughrider State

Magazines in North Dakota cater to a variety of interests. North Dakota Living magazine, for instance, is a lifestyle publication that highlights the state’s culture, people, and places. North Dakota Horizons offers a quarterly insight into the state’s heritage and tourism, while North Dakota Water addresses environmental and water management issues critical to the region’s agriculture and industry.


Q: Are these publications available in digital format?
A: Many local newspapers and magazines in North Dakota offer digital editions and maintain active websites to cater to the online audience.

Q: Can non-residents subscribe to these publications?
A: Yes, most North Dakota publications offer subscriptions to non-residents who are interested in keeping up with news and events in the state.


Daily Newspaper: A newspaper published every day or every weekday, offering a broad range of news and information.
Weekly Newspaper: A newspaper that comes out once a week, often focusing on local news and community events.
Specialty Magazine: A publication with articles and content focusing on specific interests or topics, such as lifestyle, culture, or industry-specific issues.