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What are the Alabama Shakes doing now?

Alabama Shakes: Current Endeavors and Hiatus Status

The Alabama Shakes, the Grammy-winning band known for their soulful blend of blues, rock, and Southern roots music, have been relatively quiet since their whirlwind success peaked with the 2015 album “Sound & Color.” After a period of extensive touring and critical acclaim, the band members have taken a step back from the collective spotlight, embarking on individual projects and personal endeavors.

Brittany Howard’s Solo Journey

The band’s charismatic frontwoman, Brittany Howard, has been the most visible member during this hiatus. In 2019, she released her debut solo album, “Jaime,” to critical acclaim. The album, named after her late sister, showcases Howard’s exploration of genres beyond the Shakes’ signature sound, delving into funk, psychedelic, and even experimental territories. Howard’s solo work has not only expanded her musical repertoire but also earned her several Grammy nominations, solidifying her status as a powerhouse in the music industry.

Other Members’ Activities

The other members of the Alabama Shakes have also been pursuing their interests. Zac Cockrell, the bassist, has been involved in session work and has collaborated with other artists. Guitarist Heath Fogg released an album with his side project, “Sun on Shade,” in 2020. Meanwhile, drummer Steve Johnson has been keeping a lower profile, though he’s occasionally appeared in live performances with various musicians.

Future of the Band

As of now, the Alabama Shakes have not announced any plans for a reunion or new music as a band. Fans remain hopeful for a future project, but for the time being, the members are focusing on their individual paths.


Q: Are the Alabama Shakes still together?
A: The band has not officially disbanded, but they are currently on hiatus as members explore solo projects and other interests.

Q: Has Brittany Howard left the Alabama Shakes?
A: Brittany Howard has not left the band, but she is actively working on her solo career while the band is on hiatus.

Q: Will there be new music from the Alabama Shakes?
A: There has been no official announcement regarding new music from the Alabama Shakes as a collective group.


Hiatus: A pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.
Grammy-winning: Having won a Grammy Award, which is an accolade presented by The Recording Academy to recognize achievements in the music industry.
Solo project: A musical endeavor undertaken by an individual member of a band, separate from their group activities.

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