Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Volusia County Residents Rally Against Proposed Fuel Terminal in Ormond Beach

    Residents of Volusia County are expressing outrage and anger over a proposed fuel terminal in Ormond Beach. The Belvedere Terminals Company plans to build a massive facility in the area, which residents believe will pose a threat to their health and safety.

    The news of the proposed terminal has been a hot topic in the community since it was first announced last month. City leaders in Ormond Beach and county officials are now working together to find a way to prevent its construction. The county council is in complete agreement that the proposed location is not suitable for such a facility.

    The proposed site for the terminal is 60 vacant acres west of U.S. Route 1, near the railroad tracks off Hull Road. Belvedere Terminals has plans to create a fuel distribution system in Florida, with Ormond Beach included in their plans. The facility would consist of an above-ground tank farm with 16 tanks that can hold up to 20 million gallons of fuel. Some of the tanks would be 40 feet tall, and there would be multiple loading bays for transferring fuel from trains to tanker trucks for distribution.

    Local residents have been attending city and county meetings to voice their opposition to the plant. Leaders say that the public’s continued pressure on elected officials at all levels, from the city to the county and even the governor, is crucial in their efforts to stop the project.

    County manager George Recktenwald has been directed to do everything possible to prevent the terminal from being built. Despite the site being zoned for heavy industrial use, it is located close to several residential neighborhoods, the city’s sports complex, and the city airport where student pilots train. The county is offering its assistance to Belvedere Terminals in finding alternative locations for the facility along the Florida East Coast rail line.

    County officials have also noted that they have not seen any engineering plans or site plans for the project. There is an extensive approval process that big projects like this must go through, and not all applicants are able to meet the requirements. Factors such as traffic impact are also being considered by residents.

    Belvedere Terminals has stated that they are open to reviewing any additional sites that the county may propose, although they are still pursuing the Ormond Beach location.

    Overall, the community’s outrage over the proposed fuel terminal in Ormond Beach has sparked a movement among residents and local officials to stop its construction, citing concerns over health, safety, and the impact on the surrounding area.

    Sources: WESH 2 News