Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Uni-Tankers and KPI OceanConnect Complete Biofuel Trial on Chemical Tanker

    Uni-Tankers, a tanker shipping company based in Denmark, has partnered with marine energy solutions provider KPI OceanConnect to conduct a trial of B30 biofuel on board the chemical tanker M/T Alsia Swan. The trial took place in Amsterdam and involved testing the emissions of the biofuel blend compared to traditional low-sulfur marine gas oil (LSMGO).

    KPI OceanConnect arranged for the supply of 34,000 liters of bio grade fuel, which contained a 30% blend of FAME (fatty acid methyl esters). The fuel was carefully blended to meet precise specifications and ensure high quality. Throughout the trial, tests were conducted at various loads to assess the reliability and performance of the B30 biofuel blend.

    According to the results, the use of the B30 biofuel blend reduced particulate matter (PM) emissions by up to 42% compared to LSMGO fuel. Carbon monoxide (CO) emissions were also reduced by 18%. By using a 30% biofuel blend with 70% fossil MGO, the M/T Alsia Swan can reduce lifecycle emissions of CO2 by an equivalent amount. This is an important step for ship owners to maintain compliance with tightening greenhouse gas regulations and support decarbonization efforts.

    Jesper Sørensen, Global Head of New Fuels and Carbon Markets at KPI OceanConnect, commented on the partnership, stating that they aim to support their clients’ long-term success in the energy transition in shipping by providing expert guidance on fuel strategies. Lisa Clement Jensen, Head of Strategy at Uni-Tankers, highlighted the importance of decarbonization and the potential of biofuels in reducing carbon emissions.

    The trials conducted by Uni-Tankers and KPI OceanConnect are crucial for understanding the emissions performance of biofuel and validating its potential to help cut carbon emissions. This trial aligns with Uni-Tankers’ recent fleet expansion, which includes the addition of five new vessels, including one ECO small clean chemical/product tanker.

    – Uni-Tankers
    – KPI OceanConnect