Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Ukraine Successfully Stores Sufficient Gas for Heating Season

    Ukraine’s Energy Minister, Herman Halushchenko, announced that Ukraine has successfully stored enough natural gas for the upcoming heating season ahead of schedule. The total volume of gas in Ukraine’s underground storage facilities has reached 14.7 billion cubic meters.

    In preparation for the new heating season, Ukraine’s power and gas sector is actively making arrangements, especially considering the ongoing Russian attacks on the country. The early accumulation of gas in storage facilities contributes significantly to ensuring the country’s energy security.

    The USAID Energy Security Project has conducted stress tests to assess the status of Ukraine’s gas storage infrastructure. According to their report, Ukraine’s gas transmission system and underground storage facilities are fully prepared to operate successfully even under wartime conditions or in the event of a disruption to gas transit.

    Ensuring a stable gas supply is crucial for Ukraine, especially in light of potential attacks on its energy infrastructure by Russia. By stockpiling enough gas ahead of schedule, Ukraine is taking proactive measures to mitigate any potential disruptions in gas supply during the upcoming heating season.

    This achievement demonstrates Ukraine’s commitment to enhancing its energy security and reducing dependence on external sources for gas supply. By successfully preparing its gas storage facilities to withstand challenging circumstances, Ukraine aims to maintain a reliable heating supply for its citizens.

    – The New Voice of Ukraine