Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Triodos Bank Leads the Way in Financing Clean Energy Projects

    Triodos Bank has claimed the top spot as the most active clean energy lead arranger, with an impressive 140 deals in 2022. The bank’s total deal value amounted to $504 million, covering a range of traditional renewables like onshore wind, solar, and hydro, as well as emerging technologies like EV charging, battery storage, and energy efficiency projects.

    Clean Energy Pipeline, an independent analyst, compiled a league table of the top clean energy arrangers to highlight their involvement in the renewable energy project finance sector. Triodos Bank emerged as the leader in terms of both the number of deals and the total deal value, solidifying its commitment to the transition towards a low-carbon and energy-efficient future.

    Jacco Minnaar, CCO at Triodos Bank, emphasized the bank’s dedication to clean energy financing, stating, “It has been clear to us for decades that energy systems need to shift… to clean energy that is accessible and affordable for everyone.” Triodos Bank has been a key player in renewable energy finance since 1986 when it financed the first wind turbine in the Netherlands. Over the years, the bank has provided funding for numerous community-based projects that other banks may overlook, contributing to the development of sustainable and equitable energy generation systems.

    The notable transactions completed by Triodos Bank in 2022 included the construction of the largest solar thermal park in the Netherlands, community energy and e-bike infrastructure projects in the UK, as well as photovoltaic solar plants in Spain. Triodos Investment Management, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Triodos Bank NV, also actively supports the energy transition through its funds dedicated to renewable energy projects.

    With over 40 years of experience in Europe, Triodos Bank continues to expand its focus beyond wind energy to include a wide range of renewable and environmental sectors. The bank is particularly dedicated to decentralised and non-mainstream projects such as rooftop solar, geothermal, energy storage, and energy efficiency.

    Triodos Bank’s achievement in financing clean energy projects demonstrates the pivotal role that financial institutions can play in driving the transition towards a sustainable future. By supporting innovative and community-led initiatives, Triodos Bank is contributing to the development of resilient and balanced energy systems that benefit both the environment and society.

    – Clean Energy Pipeline
    – Energy Global magazine