Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Tepuy Solar Project in Colombia to be Developed by Medellin Electric Power Company and PowerChina

    The Tepuy Solar project in Colombia will be a joint venture between Medellin Electric Power Company and PowerChina. Medellin Electric Power Company, a Colombian electricity supplier, will oversee the project, while PowerChina, a state-owned Chinese civil engineering and energy firm, will handle the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contracts.

    South America is seen as a promising market for solar trackers, with an 80% market penetration compared to the global average of 45%. TrinaTracker, a subsidiary of Chinese solar manufacturer TrinaSolar, has recognized this potential and has recently opened a 2.5GW tracker manufacturing facility in Brazil. The company plans to pursue new projects in the region, including the Tepuy Solar project in Colombia.

    The Tepuy Solar project is not the only solar development in Colombia. Last month, US developer Atlas Renewables and Colombian Isagen announced their partnership to build a 1GW PV project in the country. Additionally, the Colombian government has plans to convert a 290MW coal generation plant into a solar-plus-storage facility.

    PowerChina, which already has a significant presence in South America, has announced the development of a 343MW solar PV plant in Brazil earlier this year. The company has projects in 11 countries in the Americas, with over 300MW of projects in Colombia alone. These projects amount to a total investment of over US$100 billion.

    In conclusion, the Tepuy Solar project in Colombia is another step towards the expansion of solar energy in South America. With a growing market for solar trackers and increasing investments in renewable energy, Colombia is positioning itself as a leading player in the region’s transition to clean and sustainable power sources.

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