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New Candidates Emerge for District 7 Austin City Council Race

As the November 2024 election approaches, three candidates have already announced their candidacy for the District 7 Austin City Council race. The current council member for this district, Leslie Pool, will not be running for reelection, opening up the race for new faces and fresh perspectives.

One of the candidates is Edwin Bautista, a 26-year-old Texas native who recently graduated with a master’s degree from the University of Texas. Bautista is involved in various community organizations, such as MoveOutATX and the West Campus Neighborhood Association. He believes that his lived experience in Austin and his fresh perspective can contribute positively to the city’s development. He supports the proposed changes regarding affordable housing by the City Council but emphasizes the need for anti-displacement measures.

Pierre Nguyễn is another candidate vying for the District 7 seat. As a member of the city’s Public Safety Commission and Asian American Quality of Life Commission, Nguyễn brings a unique perspective to the race. He is passionate about listening to the voices of underserved and underrepresented communities. Nguyễn believes that building infrastructure and addressing the challenges faced by different neighborhoods are crucial for Austin’s growth. He also advocates for improving the city’s public transportation system.

Mike Siegel, who has previously run for Congress, is now shifting his focus to the Austin City Council. With experience as an attorney for the city and a co-founder of the nonprofit Ground Game Texas, Siegel has a strong background in advocacy. He believes that the City Council can play a vital role in addressing issues of affordability and climate change. Siegel supports measures to increase housing supply but is cautious about the potential displacement of residents.

These three candidates offer diverse perspectives on the city’s pressing issues, such as affordable housing, transportation, and community engagement. Each brings their unique experiences and ideas to the table, promising a competitive and engaging race for the District 7 Austin City Council seat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is currently holding the District 7 Austin City Council seat?
A: Leslie Pool is the current council member for District 7, but her term expires in January 2025.

Q: Will Leslie Pool be running for reelection?
A: No, Leslie Pool has confirmed that she will not be petitioning to get her name on the 2024 ballot.

Q: What are some key policy issues that the Austin City Council is currently debating?
A: One of the major policy issues being debated is affordable housing, particularly changes to the city’s land development code to promote density and different types of developments.

Q: What are the candidates’ stances on affordable housing?
A: Edwin Bautista supports the proposed changes but emphasizes the need for anti-displacement measures. Pierre Nguyễn believes in building infrastructure to support growth, while Mike Siegel supports increasing housing supply but expresses concerns about potential displacement.

Q: What other issues are the candidates focused on?
A: Pierre Nguyễn is focused on improving the city’s public transportation system, while Mike Siegel is passionate about addressing affordability and climate change. Edwin Bautista aims to promote government transparency and community engagement.