Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Hitachi Energy and Enapter Introduce New Solutions for Green Hydrogen Production

    Hitachi Energy and Enapter are taking significant steps in the production of green hydrogen with their latest modular solutions. Hitachi Energy has delivered an electrification solution to Ovako, enabling the world’s first steel plant to use hydrogen for heating before the rolling process. This solution includes a modular Grid-to-Stack system that converts alternating current into the direct current required for the electrolyzer. The hydrogen produced will not only heat steel but also power cell-powered trucks and support district heating.

    On the other hand, Enapter has introduced the AEM Flex 120, an AEM electrolyzer designed for industrial and refueling pilot projects. This electrolyzer is capable of producing approximately 53 kg of hydrogen per day with high reactivity to fluctuating renewable energy sources. It fills the market gap between Enapter’s smaller and larger-scale electrolyzers, catering to specific demand.

    The demand for low-carbon hydrogen is increasing significantly in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, according to a feasibility study by the Port of Rotterdam and the inland Port of Duisburg. To meet this demand, the study recommends the construction of a hydrogen pipeline between the two ports by 2027, followed by pipelines for hydrogen derivatives and CO2 export. Inland shipping and rail transport also play important roles in supporting the transportation of hydrogen.

    Additionally, Rina, in collaboration with SEA Aeroporti di Milano and Confindustria, has launched the Hydrogen Valley Malpensa project. This project aims to establish a complete hydrogen supply chain ecosystem in an airport environment by September 2027. Several stakeholders, including Air Pullman, Artelys, Circe, Emisia, and Lhyfe Labs, are involved in this collaborative effort.

    In other developments, Nuvera Fuel Cells is supplying a hydrogen fuel cell system for a reachstacker in the Port of Valencia as part of the H2Ports project. This initiative aims to introduce hydrogen-powered vehicles and equipment into port operations. Meanwhile, Irish Rail and Digas have partnered in a proof-of-concept project to convert a diesel locomotive to hydrogen. This project could provide a practical and cost-effective solution to decarbonize existing diesel trains.

    These advancements in green hydrogen production and utilization demonstrate the growing importance of this renewable energy source in various industries and sectors.

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