Thu. Oct 5th, 2023
    New Fall TV Shows to Watch: From ‘The Other Black Girl’ to ‘Bargain’

    Fall is here, and that means new TV shows are hitting the screen. If you’re looking for some recommendations, we’ve got you covered. From gripping mysteries to heartwarming period dramas, there’s something for everyone. Here are six new series that have been given the stamp of approval by Entertainment Weekly.

    The Other Black Girl (Streaming now, Hulu)

    Based on the bestselling novel by Zakiya Dalila Harris, “The Other Black Girl” is a comedy-mystery that follows Nella Rogers, an aspiring editor at Wagner Books. As the only Black woman in the office, Nella faces challenges and microaggressions from her white colleagues. When another Black woman, Hazel, joins the team, Nella is thrilled, but soon realizes that her new friend has a hidden agenda. The series explores themes of racism in corporate America and personal identity.

    Found (Oct. 3, NBC)

    “Found” may seem like a typical crime procedural, but it takes a wild twist. Gabi Mosely, a PR specialist and abduction survivor, runs an agency that finds missing people. What sets her apart is that she keeps her own kidnapper chained up in her basement to help her solve crimes. This unexpected premise adds a layer of intrigue to the show and proves that Mark-Paul Gosselaar can make any role compelling.

    Bargain (Oct. 5, Paramount+)

    If you’re a fan of intense Korean survival dramas, “Bargain” is for you. The series follows Noh Hyung-soo, who unknowingly stumbles into an organ-harvesting ring. As a group of strangers bid on his kidneys, a natural disaster strikes, leaving them trapped in a half-destroyed hotel. They must fight for their lives while being pursued by the ruthless boss of the operation. “Bargain” blends elements of body horror, escape thriller, disaster movie, and satire.

    Fellow Travelers (Oct. 29, Showtime)

    Set in 1950s Washington, D.C., “Fellow Travelers” tells the story of Hawkins Fuller and Tim Laughlin, who fall in love amidst the backdrop of Senator Joe McCarthy’s anti-Communist and anti-gay campaigns. The series explores their relationship over several decades, blending historical intrigue with bittersweet passion. It features powerful performances from Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer.

    All the Light We Cannot See (Nov. 2, Netflix)

    Based on Anthony Doerr’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, “All the Light We Cannot See” is a captivating miniseries about the experiences of Marie-Laure LeBlanc, a blind girl, and Werner Pfenning, a German orphan, during World War II. The show weaves together their separate journeys, ultimately bringing them together during the Battle of Saint-Malo. It’s a powerful story of wartime brutality, resilience, and hope.

    Fargo (Nov. 21, FX)

    “Fargo” returns for its fifth season, taking viewers back to Minnesota in 2019. The series follows Dot Lyon, who lives a quiet life with her husband and daughter until a sudden event disrupts their world. With stellar performances from Juno Temple, the show promises the signature blend of dark humor and violence that fans have come to expect.

    These new shows offer something for every taste, from mystery and suspense to romance and historical drama. Whether you’re binge-watching or taking it one episode at a time, these series are sure to keep you entertained throughout the fall season.

    – Comedy-mystery: A genre that combines elements of comedy and mystery, often featuring witty dialogue and unexpected plot twists.
    – Microaggressions: Subtle, often unintentional, actions or comments that convey negative attitudes or stereotypes towards a marginalized group.
    – Body horror: A genre of horror that focuses on graphic and disturbing depictions of physical transformation or mutilation.
    – Escape thriller: A thriller that revolves around characters trying to escape a dangerous or confined environment.
    – Satire: A genre that uses humor, irony, and exaggeration to criticize or mock societal issues or individuals.
    – Miniseries: A television series that consists of a limited number of episodes, often telling a complete story arc within that limited run.
    – Bittersweet: A feeling that is both sweet and sorrowful, often evoking a mixture of happiness and sadness.
    – Resilience: The ability to recover from difficult situations or experiences and bounce back stronger.
    – Dark humor: Humor that makes light of serious or taboo subjects, often employing irony or sarcasm.
    – Signature blend: A unique combination that is distinctive and characteristic of a particular series or brand.

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