Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Tesla Seeks Permission to Build Dealership and Service Centre in South London

    Tesla, the leading electric vehicle manufacturer, has applied for permission to construct a dealership and service centre in south London, Ontario. The Planning and Environment Committee (PEC) recently reviewed the request to establish an automotive sales and service establishment at a location on Wonderland Road South.

    If approved, this Tesla dealership would be the largest in Canada, catering to customers across southwestern Ontario. Currently, the nearest dealership is in Kitchener. The PEC members have recommended approving the zoning amendment, but they have also emphasized the importance of incorporating environmentally progressive design elements into the dealership.

    Councillor Skylar Franke highlighted that this application requests 504 parking spots, and while electric vehicles are more eco-friendly than gas-powered cars, they still depend on traditional car infrastructure. Franke urged Tesla to consider incorporating green parking lot standards into their design, such as the inclusion of bio-swales with trees and plants and the use of solar charging roofs.

    City hall is in the process of developing a by-law for green parking lot standards, which would help reduce the environmental impact of parking areas. Franke noted that there are various measures that can be implemented to minimize the impact of parking lots.

    The final decision regarding the zoning amendment and the construction of the Tesla dealership will be made by the city council on September 26. If approved, construction would commence in the spring, with the targeted opening date being 2025.

    CTV News