Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    New Car Care Centers Coming to San Angelo

    Take 5 Oil Change, a leading provider of automotive maintenance services, is currently constructing two new locations in San Angelo. These innovative car care centers aim to provide efficient and affordable services to local residents.

    The first Take 5 Oil Change facility is being built at 434 N. Bryant Blvd., adjacent to Julio’s and McDonald’s. With a budget of $850,000, this location will offer a range of services, including “stay-in-your-car” oil changes, air filter and wiper blade replacements, and four types of car washes.

    The second car care center is being constructed at 3201 Arden Road, opposite the old H-E-B. This facility has a budget of $930,000 and will provide the same comprehensive services as the Bryant Blvd. location.

    Take 5 Oil Change prides itself on delivering fast and efficient service without compromising on quality. Their goal is to ensure that customers spend minimal time getting their oil changed or car washed, while still receiving friendly and professional service from experienced technicians.

    In addition to their service offerings, Take 5 Oil Change also provides customers with the option of unlimited monthly car washes for a fixed rate. This subscription-based model allows customers to keep their vehicles clean and protected all year round.

    While the opening dates for these new locations have not been announced, it is expected that these facilities will create job opportunities for the local community. Updates regarding the opening dates and job postings will be provided in due course.

    With their commitment to exceptional service and convenience, Take 5 Oil Change is poised to become a trusted destination for car maintenance in San Angelo.

    – City of San Angelo building permits
    – Take 5 Oil Change official website