Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Sungrow Signs Contract to Supply Liquid Cooled Energy Storage System to Chile

    Sungrow, a global inverter and energy storage system supplier, has signed a contract with the Investment Fund WEG-4 to supply its liquid cooled energy storage system (ESS) solution, the PowerTitan, to Chile. The system will have a capacity of 60 MW/132 MWh and will be located within the Maria Elena Solar Park in Antofagasta, Chile. This project will enhance the stability and flexibility of the Chilean National Electric System, supporting the country’s carbon-neutral ambitions.

    The Maria Elena Solar Park, commissioned in 2015, will now introduce energy storage for energy shifting. The liquid cooled ESS PowerTitan from Sungrow will store the renewable energy generated by the solar park during the day and release it to the grid at night, increasing the overall efficiency of the solar park and ensuring grid stability.

    The PowerTitan is designed based on Sungrow’s power electronics, electrochemistry, and power grid support technologies. It offers pre-assembled and easy installation design, reducing capital and operating expenses. The system also provides a more effective cell working environment, reducing the capacity loss rate. Its DC-DC controller enables individual charging and discharging of battery racks, improving overall system performance. The PowerTitan has been recognized as the world’s first iF Design Award winner in the utility-scale energy storage system category.

    WEG-4, the owner of the Maria Elena Solar Park, has chosen Sungrow as its dedicated provider of energy storage systems due to their proven track record in the energy storage market and the competitive features of their products and services. WEG-4 is a public fund managed by WEG AGF, a prestigious Chilean asset manager.

    Chile has ambitious climate targets, aiming for 70% of its electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030. Solar-plus-storage solutions, like the PowerTitan, are key in ensuring the reliability of the power grid and achieving these targets.

    – Sungrow’s liquid cooled ESS PowerTitan solution
    – Maria Elena Solar Park in Chile
    – Sungrow’s track record in the energy storage market
    – WEG-4, the owner of Maria Elena Solar Park
    – Chile’s climate targets for renewable electricity