Thu. Oct 5th, 2023
    Hydro Ottawa Workers End Strike After Accepting New Contract Offer

    Several hundred Hydro Ottawa workers will be returning to work on Wednesday after more than two months of being on strike. The union representative, Mike Hall, confirmed that 57 percent of members voted in favor of accepting the new contract offer on Monday night. The strike began in June after the union and the company failed to reach a new collective agreement that had expired in March.

    According to Hall, the new contract includes a wage increase of 14.5 percent over four years. There are also “modest increases” to monetary perks such as benefits and meal allowances. Safety was one of the union’s major concerns, and Hall stated that the company made a commitment to address those issues.

    Hydro Ottawa signed a memorandum of settlement last week, which provides employees with a “generous increase” in wages, as well as increases to benefits, premiums, and allowances. However, the specific terms of the agreement will not be disclosed until the ratification process is complete.

    The strike affected around 370 workers and caused disruptions in power delivery and maintenance services. Despite the challenges faced during the strike, the union members are now more united and grateful for the support they received from the community.

    The return of the Hydro Ottawa workers will bring relief to the company and its customers. The power agency expressed its gratitude for the dedication and hard work of its employees throughout the negotiation process.

    In conclusion, after more than 80 days on strike, Hydro Ottawa workers have accepted a new contract offer and will be returning to work on Wednesday. The new contract includes wage increases and improvements in benefits and allowances. The specific terms of the agreement will be disclosed once it is fully ratified. The strike is now resolved, bringing relief to both the company and its employees.

    – Hydro Ottawa: A company that provides electricity distribution and related services to Ottawa, Canada.
    – Strike: A work stoppage by employees as a form of protest to demand better working conditions or benefits.
    – Union: An organization representing the interests of workers in negotiating with management.
    – Collective agreement: A legally binding contract between a union and an employer that outlines the terms and conditions of employment for unionized workers.

    – The Canadian Press (Justin Tang)
    – International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 636