Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    A New Approach to Boosting Gas Output in Anaerobic Digestion Plants

    A new digester additive developed by biogas experts FM BioEnergy has resulted in a significant increase in gas output at an anaerobic digestion plant in Essex operated by BioWatt. The BC.MICROcon5 supplement from FM BioEnergy contains five key trace elements needed for healthy digester biology and is designed to be safe, easy to handle, and highly effective.

    The Katharos Organic AD facility initially participated in a nine-week trial of the BC.MICROcon5 supplement. The results were impressive, with an instant rise in methane levels and an overall boost in gas output. The product was also found to be safer and easier to use compared to traditional additives.

    After the successful trial, BioWatt placed an order for a year’s supply of the supplement for the Katharos site as well as two other plants they operate. This investment in digester additives has delivered a 400% return on investment, highlighting the cost-effective benefits of the BC.MICROcon5 supplement.

    The Katharos Organic AD plant had previously struggled to reach its operational capacity due to issues with unstable biology. The FM BioEnergy team identified a severe deficiency in critical trace elements needed for a healthy digester biology. This deficiency was the cause of the inhibition in gas output.

    The BC.MICROcon5 supplement contains the exact daily dose of five trace elements – nickel, selenium, cobalt, tungsten, and molybdenum – required for optimal digester performance. The supplement is provided in easy-to-handle, digestible tabs that eliminate the need for mixing, measuring, or pouring. It is like taking a daily multivitamin for the digester.

    Throughout the trial period, the gas output and trace element levels were carefully monitored and analyzed. The results showed a significant improvement in both gas production and methane levels. The user-friendly nature of the BC.MICROcon5 supplement was also highlighted, with its safe handling and accurate dosage.

    Overall, the use of the BC.MICROcon5 supplement has proven to be a game-changer for the Katharos Organic AD plant. It has not only boosted gas output and improved operational efficiency but also enhanced the safety and ease of use for the plant operators. As a result, BioWatt has confidently adopted this new approach to digester additives and expects continued success in their anaerobic digestion plants.

    – Tim Elsome, General Manager of FM BioEnergy
    – Alex Monks, COO of BioWatt