Thu. Oct 5th, 2023
    The First Floating Offshore Wind Turbine in Spain Begins Generating Power

    The DemoSATH floating offshore wind project in Spain has successfully connected its first 2-megawatt (MW) floating wind turbine to the grid, marking a significant achievement in the country’s renewable energy sector. Developed by Saitec Offshore Technologies, along with RWE Offshore Wind and Kansai Electric Power, the project aims to gather data and gain real-world experience in order to apply it to future larger-scale projects.

    The floating turbine, with a rotor diameter of 96 meters, was installed off the Basque coast in August. It is the fifth European floating technology with a turbine exceeding 1 MW to be deployed in open sea, and the third concrete-based technology to reach this level of development.

    The generated power from the turbine is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of around 2,000 Spanish households. The turbine will continue to operate and gather data over the next two years, providing valuable insights for future offshore wind projects.

    Davis Carrascosa, the chief operation officer at Saitec Offshore Technologies, expressed pride in being pioneers in Spain’s floating wind turbine sector and highlighted the importance of gaining knowledge and experience from this pilot project.

    The successful installation of the DemoSATH floating turbine demonstrates the potential for floating offshore wind as a renewable energy source. It offers opportunities for countries with limited shallow water areas for fixed offshore wind projects to harness wind energy in deeper waters.

    This achievement reinforces the commitment of Spain and other European countries to expand their renewable energy capacity and reduce carbon emissions. With further advancements in floating offshore wind technology, it is expected that the sector will play a significant role in achieving renewable energy goals and addressing climate change.

    – Saitec Offshore Technologies
    – RWE Offshore Wind
    – Kansai Electric Power