Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    San Miguel County Leading the Way in Energy Efficiency and Resilience

    The San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado is being recognized as a leader in energy efficiency and resilience. The recent efforts to improve energy efficiency and resiliency at the sheriff’s office have been praised as an exemplary project. The office has implemented a microgrid system, which is an independent energy system separate from the main power grid. This system provides battery backup for critical loads and utilizes solar energy as a renewable and climate-conscious source. It ensures the sheriff’s office can bounce back quickly from power outages.

    The Colorado Legislature has also passed a bill to support the development of microgrids in rural communities that are at risk of severe weather or natural disasters. Grants are available to anchor these microgrids at schools, hospitals, law enforcement agencies, or other community facilities. San Miguel County has been proactive in applying for these grants and has already received planning grants for several communities.

    In addition to solar panels providing a majority of power at the sheriff’s office headquarters, plans are underway to incorporate battery storage and backup communication systems. The goal is to increase energy efficiency, replace fossil fuels, and strengthen the power grid infrastructure. San Miguel Power Association, a nonprofit cooperative serving rural communities in the region, is leading these efforts and seeking input from local communities to ensure their needs are met.

    Looking ahead, the power association aims to source more power locally and increase the use of renewable energy. They are also exploring alternatives to net metering, such as promoting home storage of power. These initiatives will not only contribute to a more resilient energy future but also help reduce costs and increase accessibility to clean energy for those who cannot afford solar panels.

    San Miguel County’s commitment to energy efficiency and resilience serves as an inspiration for other rural communities. By implementing innovative solutions and harnessing renewable energy sources, they are paving the way towards a sustainable future.

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