Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Shipping Giants CMA CGM and Maersk to Collaborate on Emission Reduction Efforts

    Container shipping companies CMA CGM and Maersk have announced their collaboration on efforts to reduce emissions in the shipping sector. The two industry giants will support the use of methanol as a fuel and conduct research into other potential fuels like ammonia. Both companies aim to achieve net zero emissions by the mid-century, and are exploring different fuel streams and vessel technologies to reach this goal.

    Maersk has been focusing on green methanol and recently established a new company to produce this fuel. CMA CGM, on the other hand, has been investing in gas-powered vessels and has also ordered ships that can use methanol. The companies acknowledge that while these fuels are currently the most mature solutions, they expect the future fuel mix in the shipping industry to include other streams that are currently being developed.

    As part of their partnership, CMA CGM and Maersk will work together to develop standards for operating green methanol vessels and to ensure that ports are ready to refuel ships with methanol. They will also explore research on other potential fuel solutions, such as ammonia, and look into new technologies for vessels.

    However, shipping companies note that low-carbon fuels still lack the scale needed to significantly reduce emissions in the industry. CMA CGM has been a pioneer in adopting gas-powered ships as an alternative to traditional fuel oil and is now working on developing a biogas supply for even greater emissions savings.

    By joining forces, CMA CGM and Maersk aim to accelerate the adoption of cleaner fuels and technologies in the shipping sector, contributing to a more sustainable future.

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