Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Container Shipping Giants CMA CGM and Maersk Collaborate to Reduce Emissions

    Container shipping companies CMA CGM and Maersk have announced a collaboration to reduce emissions in the sector. This cooperative effort includes supporting the use of methanol and conducting research into other potential fuels such as ammonia. The shipping industry is working towards the goal of achieving net zero emissions by the mid-century.

    Maersk, a Danish group, has been focusing on green methanol and recently established a new company to produce this fuel. On the other hand, CMA CGM, a French-based company, has turned to gas-powered vessels and has also ordered ships capable of using methanol. Both companies recognize that while these fuel streams are currently the most developed solutions, there is a need to explore other options in the coming years.

    The partnership between CMA CGM and Maersk will involve the development of standards for operating green methanol vessels, as well as the acceleration of ports’ readiness to refuel ships with methanol. Additionally, the companies will explore research on other potential fuel solutions such as ammonia, as well as new vessel technologies.

    The shipping industry acknowledges that low-carbon fuels still lack the scale necessary to significantly reduce emissions. CMA CGM has been a leader in adopting gas-powered ships and is now aiming to develop a biogas supply to achieve even greater emissions savings. With this collaboration, both CMA CGM and Maersk are taking steps towards a more sustainable future for container shipping.

    – CMA CGM
    – Maersk