Meet Tomoko Horino, the 100-Year-Old Beauty Maven Still Inspiring Others

Tomoko Horino, a remarkable centenarian, has made a name for herself as the world’s oldest beauty adviser. As she gracefully reaches the age of 100, Horino continues to share her invaluable advice on maintaining a youthful lifestyle and radiant skin.

With a strict regimen, Horino has managed to keep wrinkles at bay, inspiring others to follow suit. Every night, she indulges in a luxurious bath, stretches her limbs and shoulders in a relaxing hot tub, and rejuvenates her face by splashing it 20 times. Following this refreshing routine, she nourishes her skin with an array of lotions, including two types of wrinkle fillers, beauty serum, milky lotion, and cream.

While Horino’s personal dedication to her appearance is impressive, her true gift lies in her ability to connect with her clients and understand their needs. Just recently, she paid a visit to her 75-year-old client, Yuriko Abe, and recommended a sunscreen lotion specifically for gardening. Abe lovingly describes Horino as a “big sister” and acknowledges the positive impact she has had on her life.

But despite her unwavering commitment, Horino faces the inevitable loss of her cherished clients, who often pass away around the age of 80. This reality is a reminder that time is fleeting and that the appreciation of beauty extends beyond the physical realm.

Undeterred by the challenges she faces, Horino remains resolute in her mission to assist others in their quest for beauty and happiness. As she puts it, “I will continue working as long as my life goes.” Her unwavering passion and joy in helping others are truly an inspiration to all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old is Tomoko Horino?

Tomoko Horino is currently 100 years old.

2. What is Horino’s secret to maintaining youthful skin?

Horino follows a strict routine that includes a nightly bath, stretching exercises, and an extensive skincare regimen comprising various lotions, wrinkle fillers, beauty serum, milky lotion, and cream.

3. How does Horino connect with her clients?

Horino empathetically understands her clients’ needs, offering personalized advice and recommendations to help them achieve their beauty goals.

4. How does Horino feel about her work?

Horino derives immense satisfaction from assisting others in their journey towards beauty and happiness, finding joy in her lifelong commitment.