Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Second Indigenous Coalition Bids on Ontario Power Line Project

    A second Indigenous coalition has emerged to bid on a power line project in northeastern Ontario. The Wabun Tribal Council, representing several First Nations, has partnered with Hydro One to submit their bid for the transmission line. This comes after the Transmission Infrastructure Partnerships 9 (TIP-9) coalition also submitted a bid for the same project, which would connect the Wawa and Porcupine power stations.

    The proposed power line would traverse the traditional territories represented by both coalitions. While it would have been ideal to reach a consensus on a singular partner, Jason Batise, the executive director of the Wabun Tribal Council, expressed optimism about the regulator’s decision.

    The partnership with Hydro One could potentially give the Wabun Tribal Council an advantage in the bidding process, as the company already operates hydro infrastructure in the province. Batise believes that their collaboration will lead to better, more efficient outcomes that benefit both the partnership and the people of Ontario.

    On the other hand, the TIP-9 coalition has joined forces with American company Ameren for their bid. Taykwa Tagamou Nation Chief Bruce Archibald sees this project as an opportunity for reconciliation with the province. Indigenous communities will have a seat at the table and can make decisions regarding major projects that pass through their territories. In addition, the construction and maintenance of the power line would generate job opportunities for the First Nations involved.

    The bidding process for the power line project is still open, with a decision expected to be made later this year or in early 2024. The Ontario Ministry of Energy is conducting consultations and engaging with Indigenous communities and licensed transmitters interested in the project. This ensures that the transmission line is developed in line with the province’s priorities.

    Overall, the emergence of a second Indigenous coalition bidding on the Ontario power line project highlights the growing influence and participation of First Nations in major infrastructure developments. This move towards inclusion and partnership aims to bring about positive economic and social outcomes for both Indigenous communities and all Ontarians.

    – Wabun Tribal Council
    – Hydro One
    – CBC News