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Building a Culture of Safety: A Director’s Perspective

In the fast-paced world of utility management, ensuring safety is a top priority. Meet Jane Smith, the director of Safety, Health, and Wellness (SHaW) at City Light. With three years of experience under her belt, Jane shares her insights on driving culture change and creating a collaborative working environment within the organization.

As a “working director,” Jane brings a unique blend of expertise in safety and organizational development to her role. Her primary focus is on building a cohesive team and fostering collaboration both within the safety group and across the entire organization. From evaluating respiratory protection requirements to championing human performance, Jane wears many hats in her pursuit of improving safety standards.

Born into a military family, Jane’s childhood was marked by constant relocation. However, she primarily grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas, and later pursued her education in California. She holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s in organization development from Sonoma State and obtained an additional master’s in safety through Columbia Southern University, completing the program online.

Outside of work, Jane cherishes time with her family. With three grown children residing in different states, she values the bonds she shares with each of them. In her free time, Jane indulges in reading during the rainy season and immersing herself in nature through gardening and hiking during spring and summer.

When reflecting on her work at the utility, Jane finds the most rewarding aspect to be witnessing her team’s growth and impact on the safety culture. She commends her colleagues for their dedication to improving safety management and culture, emphasizing their leadership by example and innovative approaches.

To describe herself, Jane chooses the words “caring and focused.” These qualities shine through in her commitment to ensuring the well-being of her team and the entire organization. And when it comes to her favorite treat, Jane finds it difficult to narrow it down, having a weakness for anything Cajun, from blackened red fish to bread pudding with pecans and caramel sauce.

Building a culture of safety requires continuous effort, and Jane Smith is at the forefront of this endeavor. Her passion for safety, combined with her diverse skill set, sets the foundation for a safer and more collaborative work environment at City Light.


Q: What is Jane Smith’s role at City Light?

A: Jane Smith is the director of the Safety, Health, and Wellness (SHaW) group at City Light.

Q: What is Jane Smith’s approach to building a culture of safety?

A: Jane focuses on fostering collaboration within the safety group and across the entire organization, employing her experience in safety and organization development.

Q: What is Jane Smith’s background and education?

A: Jane grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas, and holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s in organization development from Sonoma State. She also obtained a master’s in safety through Columbia Southern University.

Q: How does Jane Smith describe herself?

A: Jane describes herself as caring and focused.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of Jane Smith’s work?

A: Jane finds the growth and impact of her team on the safety culture at City Light to be the most rewarding aspect of her work.

Q: What are Jane Smith’s favorite activities outside of work?

A: During the rainy season, Jane enjoys reading, while in spring and summer, she loves working in her garden and exploring the outdoors through hiking.