Thu. Oct 5th, 2023
    Russia Weaponizes Food Shortage in Ukraine Conflict

    A Ukrainian official has accused Russia of attempting to weaponize the global food shortage by blockading Ukrainian ports and targeting its ports on the Danube River. The goal of this strategy is to secure recognition of the captured territories by exploiting the scarcity of food on the global market. The impact of this weaponization is being felt not only in Ukraine but also in Africa and South-East Asia.

    According to the official, the weaponization of food shortage is becoming a growing threat, surpassing the fear of nuclear weapons. He warns that the aggressor is utilizing various tactics and not just limited to conventional warfare. There are many conventions against weapons, but none specifically address the weaponization of global food supplies and energy.

    This strategy by Russia is a clear violation of international norms and principles. By targeting the ports and blocking access to Ukrainian ports on the Black and Azov seas, Russia is putting pressure on Ukraine and creating instability in the region. This not only affects Ukraine’s economy but also has wider global implications, as food shortages and energy disruptions can have ripple effects on other countries.

    The weaponization of food and energy is a dangerous escalation of the conflict that needs to be addressed at an international level. The international community should condemn these actions by Russia and find ways to ensure the uninterrupted supply of essential resources to affected regions.

    – Ukrainian official