Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Royal Caribbean International’s Symphony of the Seas Successfully Tests Biofuel Blend to Reduce Emissions

    Royal Caribbean Group has completed over 12 consecutive weeks of biofuel testing in Europe, making significant strides in the pursuit of lower-carbon energy solutions. The company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation is driven by its SEA the Future initiative, which aims to protect the planet, energize communities, and accelerate innovation. By implementing methods that reduce emissions, Royal Caribbean Group is actively working towards the decarbonization of its operations.

    “This is a pivotal moment for Royal Caribbean Group’s alternative fuel journey,” said Jason Liberty, president and CEO of Royal Caribbean Group. “As we strive to protect and promote the vibrant oceans we sail, we are determined to accelerate innovation and improve how we deliver vacation experiences responsibly.”

    Today, Royal Caribbean International’s Symphony of the Seas became the first ship in the maritime industry to successfully test and use a biofuel blend in Barcelona to meet part of its fuel needs. The tests confirmed that the onboard technical systems met operational standards and demonstrated that the biofuel blend is a reliable and lower-emission energy source. This biofuel blend can be used by ships to set sail across Europe and beyond, providing a valuable solution for reducing carbon emissions in the maritime industry.

    The sustainable biofuel blends tested by Royal Caribbean Group are produced by purifying renewable raw materials such as waste oils and fats and combining them with fuel oil. This creates an alternative fuel that is cleaner and more sustainable than traditional fuels. The biofuel blends have been accredited by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC), ensuring their sustainability and verifying reductions in related emissions.

    Royal Caribbean Group plans to continue testing different types of biofuels on upcoming European sailings this fall, with the goal of accelerating the use of biofuels in its operations. The company is exploring partnerships with suppliers and ports to ensure the availability of biofuel and the necessary infrastructure for the maritime energy transition.

    Royal Caribbean Group’s sustainability efforts have been ongoing for over 30 years, and the company remains committed to innovating and advancing sustainable solutions for the future. By embracing alternative fuels like biofuel, Royal Caribbean Group is taking meaningful steps towards reducing its environmental impact and creating a more sustainable cruising experience.

    (Source: Royal Caribbean Group)