New Development in Recall Petition for Flint City Councilwoman

The recall petition for Flint City Councilwoman Eva Worthing, representing the ninth Ward, has reached a significant milestone. After the collection of signatures, the petitions have been submitted to the Genesee County Clerk’s office for review, according to County Clerk Dominque Clemons.

In their official statement, Clemons assured the public that the signatures have undergone a comprehensive review and have been approved by the county clerk’s office. The next step in the process involves sending the signatures to the Flint City Clerk’s office for further examination. The city clerk’s team will meticulously verify the accuracy of the signatures and confirm that they all originate from residents of the ninth Ward.

With a deadline of 22 days, the city clerk’s office will diligently assess the validity of the signatures before rendering a final decision. The signatures were received on Monday, Nov. 13, and the office will work persistently to complete the review within the stipulated timeframe.

Upon completion of this process, the petitions will return to the county clerk’s office, where Dominque Clemons will use the gathered information to make the ultimate determination. Clemons will evaluate whether the recall will be placed on the ballot or if it should be invalidated due to insufficient accurate signatures.

This recall petition serves as an opportunity for residents of the ninth Ward to express their concerns and have a say in their representation on the City Council. The outcome will have significant implications for both Councilwoman Eva Worthing and the constituents she serves.


Q: What is a recall petition?
A: A recall petition is a process that allows citizens to gather signatures to propose the removal of an elected official from their position before their term expires.

Q: How long does the signature review process typically take?
A: The signature review process usually has a predetermined timeframe, which varies depending on the governing body or jurisdiction. In this case, the Flint city clerk’s office has 22 days to review the signatures.

Q: What happens if the recall is approved?
A: If the recall is approved, a special election will be held to determine a replacement for the position being recalled.