Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Is It Time for Congress to Reinstate a Dress Code?

    In a recent opinion piece, the Star Tribune Editorial Board argues that the relaxed dress code in the U.S. Congress is unacceptable. They believe that by allowing members like Senator John Fetterman to dress down, it shows a lack of respect for the important work that Congress does.

    The Editorial Board points out that when Congress adhered to a professional dress code, it projected an image of competence and the ability to represent the best interests of the American people. However, recent polls have rated the accomplishments of Congress as less than stellar.

    The piece goes on to discuss the importance of dressing professionally in a work environment. The author, drawing from their own professional experience, states that dressing in a suit every day was seen as a sign of preparedness and respect for others. They also claim that the offices were always cold, making the comfort of a wool suit a welcome choice.

    The Editorial Board concludes by stating that the work of Congress should not be seen as a “casual day at the beach.” They argue that members of Congress have an elite status, high compensation, and critical workloads, and that it is unacceptable for them to dress down in a manner that undermines their professionalism and public representation.

    While the relaxed dress code may be seen by some as a way for Congress to connect with the general public, the Star Tribune Editorial Board makes a strong case for reinstating a professional dress code. By doing so, they believe that Congress can regain the aura of competence and respect that it has lost in recent years.

    – Star Tribune Editorial Board, “Relaxed Senate dress code makes it acceptable not to follow suit”