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A New Chapter Begins: Keeper of the Lost Cities Gets a Graphic Novel Makeover

Sophie Foster, a twelve-year-old girl who never quite fit in with her peers, is about to embark on an extraordinary journey. The New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling series, Keeper of the Lost Cities, is being reimagined as a stunning graphic novel. The first half of the epic novel has been adapted into this visually captivating format, complete with beautiful artwork that brings the story to life.

In this graphic novel, readers will join Sophie as she discovers a truth about herself that turns her world upside down. Sophie is not an ordinary girl—she is a Telepath, someone with the ability to read minds. For years, Sophie has kept this secret to herself, believing she is alone in her abilities. That is until she crosses paths with Fitz, a mysterious and charming boy, who reveals that he too possesses telepathic powers.

Together, Fitz and Sophie embark on an adventure that takes them to a new life in a place unlike anything Sophie has ever known. Forced to leave her family behind, Sophie finds herself immersed in a world of danger, discovery, and incredible magic. The graphic novel captures all the thrills and intricate worldbuilding that fans of Keeper of the Lost Cities have come to love.

This new adaptation of Shannon Messenger’s beloved series provides readers with a fresh and visually immersive way to experience the story. The captivating artwork brings the characters and their enchanting world to life, breathing new life into the pages of this magical tale.

If you’re ready to be spellbound and captivated by a unique storytelling experience, Keeper of the Lost Cities: The Graphic Novel Part 1 is a must-read. Journey alongside Sophie Foster as she discovers her true identity and dives headfirst into a world of mystery, friendship, and self-discovery.


Q: Is the graphic novel faithful to the original book?
A: Yes, the graphic novel adaptation faithfully captures the essence of the original novel, bringing its adventure and worldbuilding to life through stunning artwork.

Q: Do I need to read the original novel before reading the graphic novel?
A: While reading the original novel can provide a more comprehensive understanding of the story, the graphic novel can be enjoyed as a standalone experience. It offers a unique visual interpretation that enhances the storytelling.

Q: Will there be more graphic novels in the series?
A: Yes, this is only the beginning! The graphic novel adaptation will continue with subsequent installments, allowing fans to follow Sophie’s journey in this visually captivating format.