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New Funding Supports City Hall Renovations and Beach Study in Plattsburgh

The city of Plattsburgh is set to receive significant funding from New York’s Regional Economic Development Councils to address crucial changes in City Hall and conduct a comprehensive study of Sailor’s Beach. The total funding allocated to Plattsburgh exceeds $500,000, with the majority of the amount, $500,000, directed towards essential repairs and renovations in the historic City Hall building.

Mayor Chris Rosenquest acknowledged the significance of City Hall as a cherished and frequently utilized community asset, making the renovations all the more essential. The funding will primarily focus on restoring and repairing the building’s front steps and roof, which have contributed to damage on the second floor and resulted in basement flooding. Rosenquest expressed concerns about the compromised rotunda, rendered unusable due to the roof’s ongoing issues. In addition to aesthetic improvements, the renovations aim to safeguard important records that have been damaged by leaks caused by the roof’s condition.

The remaining funds, approximately $41,000, have been allocated to conduct a comprehensive study of Sailor’s Beach, one of Plattsburgh’s hidden gems that remains relatively undiscovered. Known for its scenic beauty, Sailor’s Beach offers a local retreat for residents and visitors alike. Plattsburgh intends to utilize the funding to enhance the park’s amenities and maximize its potential, ensuring that it becomes an even more inviting destination for the community.

This latest injection of state funding reflects the commitment of New York’s Regional Economic Development Councils to support local communities and invest in infrastructure improvements and recreational spaces. Plattsburgh will harness these resources to not only preserve the historical significance of City Hall but also enhance the overall quality of life for its residents by revitalizing the Sailor’s Beach area.

Q: Why is the majority of the funding allocated to City Hall repairs?
A: City Hall is a valuable and frequently utilized building that requires essential renovations to address structural damage and protect important records.

Q: What will the renovations focus on?
A: The repairs will primarily target the front steps and roof of City Hall, with the aim of halting ongoing damage and preventing further flooding in the basement.

Q: What is the purpose of the beach study?
A: The beach study of Sailor’s Beach in Plattsburgh is aimed at identifying improvements and maximizing the potential of the lesser-known waterfront property, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

– New York’s Regional Economic Development Councils
– City of Plattsburgh

By Howard Rhodes

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