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New Funding Recommendations Approved for Mental Health and Inclusion Initiatives in Park City

Park City recently announced its funding recommendations for mental health and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. The applications received this year were particularly significant, with non-profit organizations seeking larger amounts of funding than ever before. The funding committee, comprised of members including Councilmember Becca Gerber, carefully evaluated each application and presented their recommendations to the Park City Council. In a unanimous decision, the council approved the committee’s recommendations.

Commenting on the size of the funding requests, Gerber noted, “These were really big amounts. I think we’re hearing that there have been some big changes in our nonprofit community.” This signals a potential shift in the needs and priorities of the community, prompting the council to consider how best to address them.

Councilmember Max Doilney raised concerns about the reliance of some non-profit organizations on the city for their regular operations. “We don’t want to create dependency,” Doilney explained. While recognizing the importance of these services, he emphasized the need to have a discussion on finding sustainable solutions.

The council members also expressed a desire to examine potential changes to the application process in the future. Councilmember Jeremy Rubell suggested allocating more funds to emerging non-profits, such as the LGBTQ+ task force, which only received 10% of its funding request. Rubell proposed reevaluating the approval process and redistributing funds to those organizations that scored high and aligned with the city’s new innovative seed money categories.

During the discussion, Rubell also questioned funding decisions for organizations like Mountainlands Community Housing Trust and PC Tots, citing existing investments in housing and childcare initiatives. Additionally, he expressed doubts about allocating funds to KPCW, believing that media organizations should not be funded by the government.

Among the approved grants, People’s Health Clinic received the largest amount of $125,000 for mental health counseling and outreach services. KPCW and Mountainlands each received $70,000 to develop a Spanish language news site and operate a housing resources center, respectively.

As the community evolves, it is crucial for the city to adapt its funding strategies to support initiatives that align with the changing needs and priorities of Park City residents.