Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    A Coalition of Climate and Energy Organizations Urges Tripling of Renewable Energy Capacity by 2030

    A group of over 200 climate and energy organizations worldwide has issued an open letter calling on world leaders and Parties to the Paris Agreement to set a global target of tripling renewable energy capacity to at least 11,000 gigawatts by 2030. The letter, released ahead of the upcoming COP28 in the UAE, emphasizes that achieving this target, along with increased energy efficiency, is the most effective way to decarbonize the global economy and mitigate climate change.

    The call to action coincides with the UN General Assembly and New York Climate Week, highlighting the urgent need for a profound course correction in the energy system. The letter refers to the alarming rise in power sector emissions and emphasizes that no country is currently on a credible pathway to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Time is running out, and the energy system must undergo a rapid transformation within this decade.

    The coalition builds on the momentum created during COP27, where the G20 committed to tripling renewable energy capacity by 2030. Policymakers, including the COP28 Presidency and international energy agency heads, are already working towards this ambitious target by expediting the expansion of wind, solar, hydropower, and geothermal energy sources. This accelerated deployment will also pave the way for emerging technologies like long-duration energy storage and green hydrogen, ensuring a secure and equitable global energy system by 2050.

    The letter emphasizes that tripling renewable energy capacity presents an opportunity to reduce climate-related harm, foster sustainable development, and create millions of green jobs. While each country and region will adopt a unique approach to achieve the shared target, the letter highlights key actions needed for implementation. This includes committing to ambitious energy transition plans, streamlining permitting schemes for renewable energy projects, investing in grid infrastructure, and promoting multilateral renewable energy partnerships and trade agreements.

    The coalition acknowledges that achieving this target requires collaboration between governments, industry, and the finance community. They must work together to accelerate policy and regulation, attract investment, build infrastructure, and support developing economies in their energy transition. This target represents a significant leap in climate action, and its achievement is crucial for a sustainable future.


    – PTI news service