Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Protestors Gather Outside Ohio Department of Natural Resources to Voice Concerns over Land Contracts

    Protestors gathered outside the Ohio Department of Natural Resources building to voice their concerns regarding a meeting held by the Oil and Gas Land Management Commission. The commission was deciding whether to allow private companies to bid for contracts on various parcels of land in Ohio.

    The protestors, who held up signs and dressed in costumes symbolizing Mother Nature, voiced their opposition to the potential privatization of these land contracts. They argued that allowing private companies to bid on these contracts would result in environmental harm and a lack of transparency in the management of natural resources.

    During the meeting, Commissioner Ryan Richardson and other commissioners engaged in discussions about the potential consequences of privatization. The room was filled with both protestors and visitors, illustrating the deep interest and concern surrounding this issue.

    Loraine McCosker of Save Ohio Parks spoke to the crowd, highlighting the importance of preserving Ohio’s natural spaces and expressing the need for responsible and sustainable management.

    While some protestors played protest songs to express their dissent, others made use of creative tactics, such as placing taps over their mouths, to symbolize the silencing of voices opposing land privatization.

    The outcome of the meeting and the decision regarding the land contracts were not mentioned in the source article.


    – Oil and Gas Land Management Commission: A commission responsible for overseeing the management and regulation of oil and gas resources on public lands.
    – Parcels of land: Divisions or sections of land that can be designated for specific purposes or leased for various uses.
    – Privatization: The transfer of ownership or control of public assets or resources to private entities.

    Source: The Columbus Dispatch